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Infectious Waste

The law that governs the handling of infectious waste can be found at: Ohio EPA Division of Solid & Infectious Waste Management Rule Index website

Only large generators of infectious waste (50 or more pounds a month) are regulated by the health department and inspected annually.
Home Health Care

  • All home health care organizations which are small generators are required to maintain monthly log and must weigh (quantify) infectious waste before disposing at the home of the patient.
  • Large generator home health care organizations must manage infectious waste with accordance to all large generator regulations.
  • Vehicles of home health care providers are exempt from being listed as an infectious waste transporter but a secured container with a lid to the inside of the vehicle is recommended.

If you are a diabetic and use insulin needles you do not have to comply with all the infectious waste rules. Please use these guidelines:

  • Dispose of sharps in a rigid, leak-proof, puncture resistant container with a tight fitting lid.
  • Label the container in big block letters with the word “SHARPS” on all sides.

The container can then be disposed of with your normal trash.  
For more information on disposing of sharps from home use see the EPA Fact Sheet Disposal Tips for Household Generate "Sharps"

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