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ALL animal bites are required by law to be reported to the local health department within 24 hours per Ohio Administrative Code 3701-3-02 through 3701-3-06 and 3701-3-28 through 3701-3-30. Follow up by our staff assures that privately owned pets involved in biting incidents are vaccinated against rabies following the quarantine period.

The Crawford County General Health District can provide free rabies testing of an animal after a bite, scratch or human exposure has occurred. We can not accept any live animals for this testing.

If a dog bite occurs in the county please contact the County Dog Warden at 419-562–9149. Also, remember that all dogs must have a license. You can go to http://dogtags.crawford-co.org to view the dog license database for Crawford County.

More information about rabies in Ohio, along with maps displaying known positive rabies cases, can be viewed at the Ohio Department of Health website at http://www.odh.ohio.gov/odhPrograms/dis/zoonoses/rabies/rab1.aspx

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