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Recreational Vehicle Parks are regulated through Ohio Administrative Code 3701-26 which can be viewed at: http://www.odh.ohio.gov/rules/final/f3701-26.aspx . 

A recreational vehicle park is defined as, “any tract of land used for parking five or more self-contained recreational vehicles and includes any roadway, building, structure, vehicle or enclosure used or intended for use as part of the park facilities and any tract of land that is subdivided for lease or other contract of the individual sites for the express or implied purpose of placing self-contained recreational vehicles for recreation, vacation, or business.”

The staff sanitarians inspect each of the licensed recreational vehicle parks twice annually.

A site in which campers (RV’s or tent) will be at a site temporarily are also required to obtain a license through the Crawford County General Health District.  These sites are called temporary park-camps.

"Temporary park-camp" means any tract of land used for a period not to exceed a total of twenty-one days per calendar year for the purpose of parking five or more recreational vehicles, dependent recreational vehicles or portable camping units or any combination thereof, for one or more periods of time that do not exceed seven consecutive days or parts thereof. 


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